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Practice Overview

Legal Services to Protect Your Rights and Assets

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Linden & Associates is a dynamic law firm that represents and advises clients in trust litigation, probate litigation, estate planning, and probate administration matters. We serve clients from Orange County, the State of California, and across the country.

The major focus of our practice is litigation in the defense of beneficiary rights. That means protecting the rights of persons to assets and proceeds deriving from estates, trusts, conservatorships, and insurance policies.

Beneficiary Rights Advocates

Our extensive experience and thorough familiarity with the legal and financial aspects of these cases has enabled us to succeed in many challenging cases.

Our attorneys are strong beneficiary rights advocates and look forward to talking with you about how we can secure and protect your inheritance and trust rights.

Our major areas of practice include:

Beneficiary Litigation — Protecting the rights of beneficiaries of estates, trusts, conservatorships, and insurance policies.

Contested Wills — representation of clients in matters involving contested, improperly drawn, or fraudulent wills.

Trust Litigation — litigation on behalf of persons who have been unfairly denied trust proceeds, or in cases involving trustee malfeasance or mismanagement.

Probate Litigation — litigation in cases involving disputes over the valuation and distribution of estate assets.

Fiduciary Abuse and Fraud — uncovering malfeasance on the part of fiduciaries, including trustees, executors, administrators, and conservators.

Financial Abuse of the Elderly — recovering the assets of elderly persons and their estates who have been the victims of fraud.

Probate Administration — very reasonably priced probate and estate administration services.

Estate Planning — creating estate plans that provide for the transfer of assets according to the wishes of the client, while minimizing the effects of taxation and probate costs.

Our firm also represents executors in probate disputes and trustees in trust dispute matters.

Whether your matter involves inadequate trust distributions, mismanaged trust assets, or an estate administration dispute, our firm will work to protect your rights and obtain for you what you deserve.

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