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An executor of an estate or a trustee of a beneficial trust has a fiduciary duty to carry out their responsibilities in accordance with the law. Unfortunately, this does not always occur. Sometimes they intentionally try to deny a beneficiary what is owed. Other cases come down to a simple matter of mismanagement or lack of understanding. Many cases fall in that gray area in between, where the facts and explanations are not clear or do not add up. In all of these situations, the beneficiaries have been denied what is owed them.

The attorneys at Joel F. Pipes & Associates are advocates for the beneficiaries of wills, trusts, and insurance policies. We fight to obtain the financial proceeds and informational disclosures that they deserve.

If you have been unfairly denied what is owed you, or if you have received less than you deserve, Joel F. Pipes & Associates may be able to help you. Call us to arrange for a free consultation and case evaluation.

For over 42 years, the principal of our firm has worked in the areas of estate planning, trust litigation, and probate litigation. We are strong advocates for beneficiary rights, and work to obtain justice in cases involving fiduciary abuse or fraud.

Our beneficiary rights practice involves actions on behalf of beneficiaries of:

Wills - litigation on behalf of beneficiaries in the areas of probate, will contests, improper distribution or conveyance of assets, and other estate and will matters.

Trusts - litigation involving malfeasance, mismanagement of trust assets, non-compliance with trust provisions, insufficient distribution of trust proceeds, and others.

Conservatorships - litigation involving malfeasance on the part of conservators.

Insurance policies - litigation in cases where insurance policy beneficiary designations have been illegally altered or changed.

Many of the legal and factual aspects of these cases are complex. Our experience has enabled us to resolve a large number of beneficiary rights disputes in favor of our clients.

Joel F. Pipes & Associates will affirm all of your rights and seek to obtain all of the funds and informational resources you deserve.

For a free initial consultation with Joel F. Pipes & Associates, contact us online. Located in Tustin, we serve clients in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, and throughout California and across the nation.