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Administrators of a trust, a conservator, or an executor of an estate have a high standard of care. They have been entrusted to administer assets for the sole benefit of the beneficiary or beneficiaries. Failure to adequately do so may leave them personally liable for their malfeasance, and in some cases, may even lead to criminal charges.

Joel F. Pipes & Associates represents beneficiaries of trusts and conservatorships who have been the victims of fiduciary fraud or abuse. We can use the law to stop malfeasance and recover lost or mismanaged or assets. In cases where assets are being improperly used, invested, or retained in violation of trust rules, we can stop those practices and take action to ensure that the trust or conservatorship is properly administered.

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Fiduciary Fraud and Abuse

Fiduciary fraud, trust fraud, and estate fraud all involve a breach of fiduciary duty. In some cases, the abuse is willful and undertaken with intent to defraud. It may start small and continue that way for many years, or it may occur in one large financial transaction.

Other cases of trustee, executor, or conservator malfeasance can be very gray. For example, an adult child who is a conservator for a parent may think he or she is doing the right thing, when in reality they have inadvertently broken their fiduciary duty or improperly used assets.

Fiduciary fraud can involve financial assets, the illegal transfer of real estate, or fraud involving personal property.

Strong Advocates for Beneficiaries

Fully investigating and analyzing cases of fiduciary fraud requires a comprehensive understanding of the law as it relates to fiduciary duty. It also requires the ability to track sequences of financial transactions-some of which may have occurred years in the past.

Joel F. Pipes & Associates are experienced trust fraud, estate fraud, and probate litigation attorneys. We pursue litigation on behalf of beneficiaries of trusts and estates to stop breach of fiduciary duties and obtain the proceeds that beneficiaries are entitled to. Our lawyers understand the law and how to investigate these often complex cases.

Fiduciary fraud is an insult, both to the benefactor and the beneficiary. Joel F. Pipes & Associates are strong advocates for beneficiaries. We can take action to obtain restitution of assets and justice for you.

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