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As people age, they sometimes lose the ability to think clearly about their financial affairs. In these situations, they may be pressured or unduly influenced to transfer financial assets, real estate, or personal property to another person.

The law protects the elderly from financial abuse and fraud. If you suspect that a family member has been the victim of elder fraud, Joel F. Pipes & Associates may be able to recover the assets that have been lost.

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The Many Forms of Elder Fraud

Elder fraud can occur in many different ways. It can occur through an illegal conveyance of a home or other real estate, an amendment to a trust giving power of attorney to the defrauder, an assertion of undue influence in the writing of a will.

The perpetrator of the fraud may be a caregiver, a friend, a neighbor, a casual acquaintance, or a family member. Regardless of how it occurred or who perpetrated the fraud, the victim and the victim's estate have a legal right to reclaim the property that was lost.

An Experienced Elder Fraud Law Firm

Joel F. Pipes & Associates, located in Tustin, California, has more than 42 years experience in estate planning, fiduciary fraud, and elder fraud matters. Our attorneys understand how to investigate the sequence of events leading to the fraud, how to uncover the true extent of the loss, and how to develop a strong and persuasive case in court to recover what was lost.

Your family member or loved one spent a lifetime working and saving to build their life savings. Those assets belong to your loved one or your loved one's estate. Joel F. Pipes & Associates may be able to help return those assets to their rightful owner.

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