Carry Out Your Loved One's Final Wishes With Confidence

Get probate administration assistance in Tustin, CA

Do you feel unprepared to settle your loved one's affairs? Although your loved one might have left probate administration instructions in the form of a will, legal documents aren't always easy to understand. A probate administration attorney can help you understand and carry out your loved one's final wishes.

Joel F. Pipes & Associates offers timely, orderly and cost-efficient probate services to clients in Tustin, CA and surrounding areas. Our principal attorney can help you complete probate administration tasks like...

  • Paying your loved one's debts
  • Distributing your loved one's assets to rightful heirs
  • Filing tax documents, completing court filings and paying fees
  • Making sure beneficiaries have received retirement plan and life insurance benefits

We can also help you anticipate problems and avoid preventable disputes, as well as represent you in court so you don't have to travel out of state.

Think it will cost a fortune to retain a probate administration attorney? Think again. We offer competitive rates and don't require payment upfront. Call 714-366-4650 now for pricing information.

Detail your final wishes in an estate plan

If you died without a will in California, your assets would be distributed according to state law, without concern for your wishes. But by preparing a will and creating an estate plan, you can rest easy knowing your assets will go to your loved ones.

You can trust us to create your estate plan because we have over 42 years of experience. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an estate planning attorney in Tustin, CA.