Is Probate Litigation Right for You?

Contact us if you're involved in a probate dispute in the Tustin, CA area

During probate, an executor settles a decedent's financial affairs and distributes the remaining assets according to decedent's wishes. Disputes can arise among beneficiaries or between the executor and the beneficiaries. If your family can't reach an agreement, probate litigation might be the best way to resolve your dispute.

Joel F. Pipes & Associates of Tustin, CA represents either side in probate disputes involving...

  • Contested wills
  • Allegations of executor malfeasance
  • Lack of capacity of the decedent to write a will
  • Undue influence in the writing or amendment of wills

Our firm also conducts and defends trust litigation and allegations of malfeasance by conservators.

Our principal probate litigation attorney has a proven track record and excels at handling probate litigation cases involving fiduciary abuse and fraud. Attorney Pipes can call on skilled accountants and financial analysts to build a persuasive case on your behalf.

Although we'll do our best to negotiate a successful outcome, we'll prepare to go to trial to protect your rights and interests. Contact us today to discuss the details of your dispute with attorney Pipes.

Is an executor holding your loved one's assets hostage?

Some trustees in the Tustin, CA area have been known to...

  • Transfer personal or real property at below-market rates
  • Conveyance a house or delay a home sale
  • Catalog assets and debts inadequately
  • Misappropriate assets or proceeds

If the trustee of your loved one's estate has acted similarly, we can take your dispute to court in southern California or out of state. Call 714-366-4650 now to speak with a knowledgeable probate litigation attorney.