Don't Attempt to Resolve a Trust Dispute on Your Own

Enlist the help of a trust litigation law firm in Tustin, CA

A trustee has many fiduciary responsibilities when administering a trust, but they must prioritize the interests of the beneficiaries. Not every trustee, unfortunately, fulfills their duties. If you believe your trust was mismanaged, reach out to a trust litigation attorney at Joel F. Pipes & Associates in Tustin, CA.

We have extensive experience handling cases involving...

  • Mismanagement or illegal disposal of trust assets
  • Inadequate or irregular distribution of funds
  • Diversion of assets to the trustee
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Undue influence

Your trust litigation attorney will explain your rights and attempt to resolve the dispute in your favor. Call 714-366-4650 now for a free consultation.

How we can help you

Trust litigation is complex, but our firm has the skills and resources needed to resolve your dispute in a timely manner. Depending on your situation, we can...

  • Remove one or more trustees
  • Obtain a full and objective account of the trust's activities
  • Compel distribution of trust funds according to the trust provisions

Our principal attorney has been practicing estate planning, trust litigation and probate litigation in the Tustin, CA area for over 42 years. You can trust him with your legal matter.