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A will contest or estate dispute can arise from many different causes. The person making the will may lack the capacity to understand what he or she is doing. The person writing the will may have been subject to duress, pressure, or undue influence. Acting in good faith, the creator of the will may have tried to amend the will but did so improperly. The will may lack the required witness signatures or may be altogether fraudulent.

As you can imagine from these examples, the resolution of a will contest can be complex and involve interpretations of murky events that occurred many years prior to the death of the decedent.

Joel F. Pipes & Associates represents clients in all types of will contest and estate dispute lawsuits. Our goal in these cases is to protect the rights of our clients and secure for them the estate proceeds they are entitled to.

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Our firm,Joel F. Pipes & Associates, has successfully represented clients in numerous will contests, probate, and trust disputes in California. Our work in these areas has ranged from cases involving Hollywood notables and very large estates, to medium and smaller estates.

Our lawyers have the experience and resources needed to research, develop, and argue these cases in an effective manner. When needed, we can call upon the services of experts in the fields of handwriting, document analysis, gerontology, and other disciplines to create a complete and compelling case on behalf of our client.

Your loved one worked hard to create a legacy to pass on to you. His or her true wishes regarding the disposition of these life savings deserve to be honored. Joel F. Pipes & Associates will work to ensure that happens.

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